Manufacturing Cubipods with vertical molds is a very simple process with a high production yield (between 1 and 3 lays/day). This type of mold makes possible to work with compact production lines, optimize space, use fewer molds and, in addition, the large leveling slabs that are needed for lateral-opening molds are no longer required, thereby reducing the cost and simplifying the processes.

All that is required for manufacture is a raised concreting lane from where the concrete mixer trucks can pour the concrete directly into the molds located on either side of the lane. After vibrating and the required setting time the contents are extracted from the molds. This is done with stripping clamps that hoist the upper mold using a safe and simple handling process.

As Cubipod are massive unit, the quality of the concrete used is not as high as the quality required for slender and bulky pieces. Consequently, concrete that are not as resistant can be used.

If the manufacturing process for Cubipods is compared to that of bulky units (1 piece/day/mold), Cubipods require less than half the number of molds and a much smaller production area.