Naos Secondary Breakwater – Lanzarote

  • Client: Port Authority of Las Palmas
  • Start date: 01/07/2019
  • End date: 01/10/2020

Project information

Country: Spain

Construction company: SATO

Budget 9,530,323.96 €


At the end of 2018, the construction contract for the secondary breakwater of Naos was tendered. The design included a 320 meters breakwater with two different sections: a vertical section of 115 meters long to be executed with 4 concrete caisons, and another section for the first 205 meters of a rouble mound breakwater protected with a double armour layer of 10 tons cubic blocks.​

The tendering process allowed the possibility of presenting an alternative design. SATO proposed a solution using a 6 tons single layer of CUBIPOD for the main section and a 12 tons single layer of CUBIPOD for the round head area connected to the concrete caisons. ​

The contract was finally awarded to SATO with its alternative solution. The proposal reached a 15% budget saving from the original budget of the Project and was successfully completed. ​

Design Conditions

  • Structure length: 205 m​

  • Max. depth: 12 m​​

  • Design wave height: 3.3-4.3 m​​

  • Peak period: 10-12 s​​

  • Slope H/V= 3/2​​

  • 6 tons CUBIPOD single layer in trunk and 12 tons CUBIPOD single layer in the round head​​

  • Top level: >+9.0 m​​

Constructive aspects

  • 1686 CUBIPOD 6t (2.55 m3)​​

  • 295 CUBIPOD 12t (5.10 m3)​​

  • Total CUBIPOD concrete volume: 5,830 m3​

  • 20 molds of CUBIPOD 6 t​​

  • 2 molds of CUBIPOD 12 t​​