San Andrés Breakwater – Port of Málaga

  • Client: Port Authority of Málaga
  • Start date: 01/09/2011
  • End date: 30/11/2013

Project information

Country: Spain

Construction company: UTE SATO and OHLA

Budget 12,137,494.82 €


In 2010, the Port Authority of Malaga calls for tender the project “Operation and improvement of the exterior darsin and external protection of San Andres”, with the aim of opening new fishing and leisure facilities, as well as to habilitate the dock of the outer port through the demolition of the old secondary breakwater.

The base Project suggested a solution with double layer of cubic blocks of 10 t (4.3 m3) and 21 t (9.1 m3) leaving open the possibility of an alternative design in terms of protection armor unit.

Finally, the work was awarded to the alternative design proposed by JV SATO-OHL, having this as innovation, the application of CUBIPOD for the first time, being the Port Authority of Malaga rewarded with the National Innovation Award (2011), in the category Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions.

Design Conditions

  • Structure length: 260m

  • Max. depth: -6.75m

  • Design wave height: 5.1m

  • Wave Period: 12s

  • Low bearing capacity of the seabed

  • Slope H/V: 2/1

  • Crown wall: +6.5m

  • 3D stability and overtopping test by CEDEX

  • 2D stability and overtopping test by UPM

  • Realistic construction tests by LPC – UPV

Constructive aspects

  • 4,903 CUBIPOD 6t (2.6 m3)

  • 226 CUBIPOD 15t (6.5 m3)

  • Total CUBIPOD concrete volume: 14,265.2 m3

  • 27 molds of CUBIPOD 6 t

  • 2 molds of CUBIPOD 15 t

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