Langosteira I North and South Breakwaters – Port of A Coruña

  • Client: Autoridad Portuaria de A Coruña
  • Start date: 01/09/2012
  • End date: 31/12/2013

Project information

Country: Spain

Construction company: UTE SATO, Dragados, Arias Hermanos and FPS

Budget 17,492,838.16 €


In 2012, the Port Authority of A Coruña calls for tender the y project “Protection of the GNF intake and improvement of the Punta Langosteira infrastructures” with the aim to garantee the proper funtioning of the Gabon´s Central.

This project was thought to the construction of two breakwaters: one to the north of the water intake with double layer of cubic blocks of 20 t (8.5 m3); and other one to the south of the intake with blocks of 20 t (8.5 m3) and 35 t (14.9 m3), which would serve as the first phase of the secondary breakwater of the port.

The project specifications left open the possibility of an alternative design in terms of protection armor unit. Finally, the work was awarded to the alternative design proposed by JV SATO, DRAGADOS, ARIAS HERMANOS and FPS, which replaced the blocks for CUBIPODS.

Design Conditions

  • Structure length:

    • North breakwater: 550 m

    • South breakwater: 300 m

  • Max. depth: 8.3m

  • Design wave height: 5.85m

  • Peak period: 18s

  • Slope H/V: 3/2

  • CUBIPOD single-layer:

    • North breakwater: 15t in trunk and round head

    • South breakwater: 15t in trunk and 25t in round head

  • Crown wall:

    • South breakwater: +12.92m

    • North breakwater: +12.32m

  • 3D stability and overtopping test by Water and Eniroment Engineering (GEAMA)

Constructive aspects

  • 1,580 CUBIPOD 15t (6.4 m3)

  • 960 CUBIPOD 25t (10.6 m3)

  • Total CUBIPOD concrete volume: 20,731 m3

  • 10 molds of CUBIPOD 25 t

  • 14 molds of CUBIPOD 15 t