The on-site placement of mass concrete units is usually a critical process in the construction of large mound breakwaters. On the one hand, ,moving operations, the size of the pieces, transporting and placement all make it necessary to apply strict safety measures. The use of pressure clamps makes this easier. On the other hand, most of the construction process occurs under water, with poor visibility and the effects of wave and wind action on the suspended piece and the crane that is laying it.

Cubipod placement is completely random, so none of the pieces have to be facing in any particular direction with respect to the other pieces around them, which makes the laying process much simpler. This is not the case with other bulky units.

Cubipod placement is easy, and is carried out using only pressure clamps and a GPS on the crane jib, telling the operator where each piece must be placed utilizing a pre-designed placement grid. Cubipod units are generally laid at a rate of 8-12 per hour. Unlike the case with bulky units, it is not necessary to use divers or specialists in the placement process.