Structural robustness

Cubipod is the most robust single-layer piece on the market, much more so than existing bulky units. This high structural robustness is one of the main reasons why Cubipod of any size can be manufactured, unlike other single-layer pieces, all of which are subject to considerable size restrictions so they can be manufactured without armor (around 20 m3).

The structural robustness of Cubipod elements has been tested with drop tests. Cubipod can withstand falls from heights more than 50% greater than conventional cubic blocks, managing to withstand extreme falls ranging from 8.5 m to 9.5 m. Read more in Laboratory test section

Hammer drop test: cube (h = 1.5 m) (32.5% weight loss)
Hammer drop test: Cubipod (h = 2 m) (0.7% weight loss).
Extreme drop test: Cubipod (h = 8.5m) (0.8% weight loss).

Cubipod’s great structural strength is a result of its geometrical shape, which induces slight fracturing on the edge that reduces the accelerations of the central body and the internal fracturing that bring about the overall breaking of the piece. The risk of the piece breaking is slight, not only while it is being handled and placed even also during its service life. Unlike bulky units, the great structural strength of Cubipod enables it to be laid with no restrictions on the number of rows.