About us

SATO (Sociedad Anónima Trabajos y Obras) has been a benchmark company in Spain in marine works since 1927, with a successful career that, in recent years, has increasingly consisted in developing and providing technology associated with construction activities. The company a subsidiary of OHLA, a construction and licensing group with over 100 years of experience that is active in 30 countries all over the world.

Since 2007, SATO has been the sole license holder for the international Cubipod patent through Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (UPV), the institution with which SATO has been involved in a strategic alliance to develop and implement this technology. It also holds the international patent for the molds used to construct Cubipod, as well as all associated brands.

Cubipod is fruit of a combination of the UPV’s research excellence and the experience gained by SATO and OHLA in the construction of more than 30 km of port protection works, 30 km of wharfs and 20 million m3 of concrete for port superstructures, blocks and caissons.