Marine Bay d’Alger – Port of Alger

  • Client: Dahli S.P.A.
  • Start date: 01/09/2015

Project information

Country: Alger

Construction company: Dahli S.P.A.


The privileged location of the bay of Alger, as well as its good natural conditions, has raised the demand of pleasure marine constructions.

In January 2007, BTP Infraestructuras offers an ante project that is approved by the client, with a dock and a counter dock, and an orientation that improves access and maneuverability of sport boats, with an area on land big enough for the necessary port services and the good exploitation of the marina. The layer of the dock is composed of CUBIPOD pieces of 3t, being the round head composed of 12t CUBIPOD pieces.

Design Conditions

  • Structure length: 988m

  • Max. draft: -6.5m

  • Design wave height: 5m

  • Wave period: 12.8s

  • Bearing capacity of the seabed: medium

  • Layer’s porosity: 0.40

  • Slope: 3/2

  • Crown height: +5m

  • Toe length: 3m

  • Toe height: -3.5

  • Test in the Canal à Houle from the Institut d’Hydrodyna-mique Appliquée (INHA)

Constructive aspects

  • 16,012 CUBIPOD 3 t (1.25 m3)

  • 288 CUBIPOD 12 t (5 m3)

  • Total volume concrete of CUBIPODS: 21,455.00 m3

  • 70 moulds of CUBIPOD 3 t

  • 2 moulds of CUBIPOD 12 t

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