La Esfinge Secondary Breakwater – Port of Las Palmas

  • Client: Port Authority of Las Palmas of G.C.
  • Start date: 01/06/2015
  • End date: 31/07/2016

Project information

Country: Spain

Construction company: UTE SATO, Félix Santiago Melián and Hermanos García Álamo

Budget 10,637,155.03 €


En 2014, the Port Authority of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria calls for tender the Project “South Closing of the Esfinge darsin. 2ª Phase. Protection of Explanades” with the aim to provide the necessary protection inside the new basin.

The base project suggested a solution of a breakwater with rock of 3 t as a protection layer, leaving open the possibility of an alternative design in terms of protection armor unit.

The JV UTE SATO, FÉLIX SANTIAGO MELIÁN and HERMANOS GARCÍA ÁLAMO turned out to be awarded one with an alternative design based in a CUBIPOD single-layer, which reduced the total construction period in two months and the costs due to the re-use of molds used in the San Andres breakwater (port of Malaga).

Design Conditions

  • Structure length: 260 m

  • Max. Depth: 23 m

  • Design wave height: 2.70 m

  • Peak period: 10 s

  • Slope H/V= 3/2

  • CUBIPOD single-layer in trunk and round head of 6 t

  • Crown wall: +7.40 m

  • 2D stability and overtopping test by Applied Hydrodynamic Institute (INHA)

Constructive aspects

  • 1,846 CUBIPOD 6t (2.6 m3)

  • Total CUBIPOD concrete volume: 4,707.3 m3

  • 20 molds of CUBIPOD 6 t