Easier to construct

Cubipod is easier to construct in the following respects:

Facilidad Constructiva FabricacionFabricación. Gracias al empleo de encofrados verticales las necesidades de espacio son menores y los rendimientos son mayores que en las piezas que emplean encofrados de apertura lateral.
Facilidad Constructiva ManipulacionHandling. The use of pressure clamps guarantees that the movements are safe, swift and efficient movements.
Facilidad Constructiva AcopioStacking. Cubipod can be stored compactly in block yards stacked up to high levels, thereby reducing the space required and the number of movements.
Facilidad Constructiva ColocacionPlacement. It is completely random. The pieces do not need to be in any particular position with respect to the surrounding pieces. Placement performance is better than for all other single-layer pieces and the use of divers is not require.
Facilidad Constructiva Calidad De FiltrosFilter quality. In contrast to bulky units, a high-quality finish is not required for the filters on the underlying layers, because Cubipod adapts to the unevenness of the lower layers.